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Outdoor Learning

Pollination Generation- Y5


As you can see from the large amount of photos, we had an extremely busy session this week trying to finish as many of our projects as possible. We managed the following:


  • dug over the rest of the wild flower area
  • covered more of a grassed area in order to plant further seeds next week
  • relocated our bee buckets to a more useful location
  • spread wild flower seeds on the wild flower area and other locations
  • planted daffodil bulbs
  • built bee boxes
  • continued to create a bee mound


We will hopefully finish our projects next week!

Pollination Generation- Y5


Now that our equipment and plants have started to arrive, the hard work begins. We spent most of this session starting to turn over part of a grassed area in order to plant a wild flower garden.

Pollination Generation- Y5


This week we were inside working on our budget planning. We look forward to being able to order some plants and pollinator habitats for our school. 

Pollination Generation- Y5


This week, we had a go at pollinator sampling and made mood boards about different pollination issues. We also started taking photos of different bugs to earn some points towards our award. 

Pollination Generation- Year 5


Our year five children are continuing their work on Pollination that they started last year. This week we have had a great time, recapping our knowledge about minibeasts and pollinators. 


We will be working hard this term to improve the school's green space including wildflowers, pollinator habibtats and community engagement. If you can help us with any of these please speak to one of the year five teachers. 

Forest Foxes Session 6 with Year 5: Our final sessions started with fire making and hot chocolate drinking. We then had some free time to practise wood carving. Finally, we floated our rafts. Congratulations to Narcisse, Amelia and Mumtaz for building the most stable and innovative raft.

Forest Foxes Session 5 with Year 5: During this session we spent time pond dipping, raced snails and then had a competition to construct a raft to float a dinosaur.

Forest Foxes Session 4 with Year 5: This week we made natural shelters for Fiona Fox, constructed shelters for ourselves using only rope and tarpaulin and then played 'Capture the Flag'.

Forest Foxes Session 3 with Year 5: This week we used vegetable peelers to make skewers for toasting marshmallows. We then used natural materials to make our own activities such as: bows and arrows, catapults and football.

Forest Foxes Session 2 with Year 5: This week we tasted raw and cooked nettles, hunted for mini-beasts and identified tree types using their leaves.

Forest Foxes Session 1 with Year 5: This week we created natural art, learnt how to start a fire using a flint and steel and made and drank mint tea.