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Our school is now closed for the summer ++ School opens to children at 8.50am on TUESDAY 27th AUGUST 2024 ++ Welcome to our school website! ++ School STARTS every morning at 8.50am ++ Please help us support your child's learning by ensuring they come to school every day and ready for the 8.50am start
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Behaviour System

Blue Dots:


Blue Dots are awarded to children who show good behaviour. The children at the end of each half term with the most Blue Dots are rewarded with a prize! yes




House Tokens:


Every child and staff member in school is in a House Team:






Everyone works as a team to collect house tokens of their colour and some are very lucky to receive a GOLD TOKEN from either Mr Fewster or Mrs Lovell. The tokens are counted at the end of each term.



Stay great, Stay green:


Buswells Lodge uses 'Stay great, Stay green' behaviour system. Each child has their own frog which they need to keep green throughout the course of the day.


If their behaviour falls below that which is expected, their frog will no longer be green.


Depending upon their actions they will be placed at Stage 1 (yellow card), Stage 2 (orange card) or Stage 3 (red card).


For all those children who remain green throughout the day there will be 3 Blue Dots awarded for Staying Green.


Please ask your children if they have stayed green at the end of each day!