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Dear Parents: School is currently closed for the summer break - we re-open to children at 8.55am on Thursday 29th August - have a fantastic summer!
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Each English lesson starts with a 20 minute phonics session. during these sessions we recap phonemes previously covered, as well as introducing a new phoneme or alternative grapheme. 


Each session includes listening to the phonemes (sounds) blending and segmenting words (breaking them down into their phonemes) as well as recognising and reading the phonemes.  


On alternate days/sessions children will read sentences containing the new phonemes or alternate grapheme, or write a sentence suing the new phoneme/alternate grapheme.  


​Reading in Year 2 


Every child in year 2 has been placed into a guided reading group. These groups read with an adult weekly. During these session we develop our decoding (word reading) skills as well as our comprehension (understanding) skills.  These sessions are recorded in their blue home-school books. Please read the teachers comments to see how your child is progressing and the next steps or targets they may have been set for their reading.