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The Foundation Stage



Here at Buswells Lodge we believe that the children learn through their play. We encourage the children to use the skills that they have learnt from the adult sessions in their own play. They are set challenges around the classroom but are also able to select and use the resources independently and decide which way to take their learning. The adults then develop and extend the child's learning through their own interests.


We ensure that the children have a welcoming environment which is accesible to all and where the children feel safe and valued.

From June 2022, the children will only be judged to be emerging or expected. There will not be an exceeding judgement. We will ensure that every child reaches their full potential by continually assessing their needs and ensuring that they are taught further skills.

Foundation Stage 1


In Foundation Stage 1 class we teach key skills through planned themes following the Cornerstones approach. Each topic lasts for a half term. These are interspersed with any relevant celebrations or festivals.


These themes cover all of the areas set out in the Early Learning Goals.

Foundation Stage 2


As with Foundation Stage 1, Foundation Stage 2 teach key skills through different topics, using Cornerstones . Each topic lasts for a half term. These are also interspersed with any relevant celebrations or festivals. 


The planning reflects the requirements of the Early Learning Goals.

The Foundation stage have a new curriculum for this academic year 2021-2022. To ensure that all aspects of this new curriculum are covered, we have adjusted our long term plan accordingly, using Cornerstones for our topics. During the foundation stage, we cover the same topics but introduce different skills, using different activities to ensure progression and continued engagement.

You will find this new Long Term Plan below:

Please see the individual class pages for more information.