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Today we were visited by Cate and Strider from Living Streets. Cate reminded us that we should walk to school as much as possible and Strider sang Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with us.

This afternoon, we removed the rubbish in the photo below from our school field, pond and allotment. The weight of the bags alone was 10.3kg.

After warming up inside, we worked with Laura form the Leicester City Environmental Team to write our action plan for this year.

Matty and George from Severn Trent Water came to show us how to plant our trees in the Tiny Forest. We worked amazingly hard to plant 500 new trees in the cold.

We used our first Eco-Session of the year to weed and remove nettles from our beautiful Tiny Forest.

Below is the link to the website with all the information about our Tiny Forest. It gives lots of facts and figures, and tells you what type of trees are planted there.

Meet the Eco-Warriors for 2023-2024

To complete our final Eco-Schools action for this year, the Eco-Team took part in ‘The Sea Starts Here’ initiative ran by Leicester City. We learnt about the affects of putting plastic in our water and the affects that this can have on the environment.

The school eco team worked hard to clear as many weeds as they could from our Tiny Forest. They also tidied the canes and protectors on the trees which we had planted several years ago.

We were visited by Aasiya from SUSTRANS who delivered a whole school assembly on active travel and cycle safety. She then worked with Year 3 and Year 5 to explore cycling in more depth.

Huge congratulations to the in school winners of the WOW badge design competition - you can see their designs below. The winners all received a prize and their designs were sent off to WOW as part of their national competition. All of the entrants received blue dots for their efforts.

The eco team collected 14kg of rubbish from our school playground in just one hour.

The school Eco-Warriors ran and judged a ‘Lights Out!’ poster competition. The winners are below and are now displayed near light switches all around school as a reminder.

We are proud to once again be taking part in the WOW Walk To School Challenge. This challenge encourages the children at our school to walk, cycle and scoot to and from school on as many days as possible. Four of our Eco-Warriors will also be responsible for taking care of our walk to school records, certificates and badges.

Introducing our school Eco-Warriors for the academic year 2022-23.

As part of our Eco-Schools work, we are investigating how we can make our school kitchen and the meals which they produce more environmentally friendly.

Green Flag with merit: I am incrediby proud to say, that for the seond year in a row, our school has been awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag award. However, this year we've done one better, and been given the award with merit. Our flag is proudly displayed in the school hall. Well done to all of the school councillors for all of their hard work!

What a day! We’ve had a great time planting our Tiny Forest, in partnership with Severn Trent and Earthwatch Europe in recognition of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. We planted over 600 trees today and we’ll be avidly watching their progress.

As part of our Eco-Schools work, our School Council took part in the 'Sea Starts Here' project. The project's aim is to raise awareness of how much plastic waste goes down the drain, how it travels from there to the ocean and how much damage it does to the creatures which live in the ocean. In order to make people aware of this, they stenciled messages and illustrations around as many drains as possible.

As part of our Eco-Schools work, Year 5 took part in the national 'Litter Less' poster campaign ran by Wrigley's. Here are some of the entries that we submitted to the competition - fingers crossed! Well done to both Taleah and Robyn for being our in-school winners.

As part of our ongoing Eco-Schools work, our School Council have obtained a grant from Severn Trent Water to overhaul and add to our current outdoor learning areas. Below are photos of how the work has progressed since September. We are extremely thankful to both Severn Trent Water for the grant, and to Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust who are completing the work for us. We look forward to being able to make use of our new facilities when they are fully finished.

Below are the Woodland Trust's latest school promotional materials which feature our school council. We are very proud!

We are extremely proud to have received the 'Eco-Schools Green Flag' award.

Further to achieving our Eco-Schools Bronze award, we have now also been granted our Silver Award. Well done to the school council for all their hard work!

Thanks to the hard work of the School Council, Buswells Lodge has recently been awarded the Eco-Schools Bronze Award. Below is a copy of our certificate.