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Early Reading and Phonics











At Buswells Lodge, the teaching of phonics and reading is fundamental to the school. All staff are experts in the teaching of early reading, providing all children with daily phonics sessions, guided reading sessions and high-quality modelling through Shared Read.


We follow the Little Wandle Letters & Sounds programme which breaks down the phonic sounds required to decode a word, sentence and text.


We encourage children to make, hear and find these sounds within words they see, read and write. They are also encouraged to use their knowledge of phonics when decoding and writing, new and unfamiliar words. Phonic decodable books are matched to the children's phonics need ensuring the best possible success in their early reading journey.


More information on the programme can be found on the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds website.


Little Wandle Letters and Sounds


Parents can find specific information at 


Little Wandle Letters and Sounds- Parents