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Dear Parents: Our school closes for the summer break on Friday 10th July 2020 +++ School reopens to ALL children at 8.55am on TUESDAY 1st SEPTEMBER 2020 +++ Please see the CORONAVIRUS UPDATES page under the KEY INFORMATION tab below for more details and important information
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Our Classroom

Our Classroom

In our classroom your child will choose their own challlenges from the available materials in the different areas in the classroom.

We want to work to the interests of the children so if they are interested in a particular subject, we will get out related resources for them.

Our outside area.

In our covered outside area, we have got our sand play, water play, music area, drama area, small world area, tuff tray, wellie stand and messy play overalls.

Our Cloakroom Area

On your first day, hang your coat on your peg and put your lunch box and bottle in the boxes.

Blue boxes for the Parrot class.

Red boxes for the Flamingo class.

Carpet areas

Each class will have their own carpet area for register and whole class teaching sessions. To see which is yours, look for the parrot or flamingo!

Expressive Art and Design Area.

In our EAD area there is messy play, malleable play, junk modelling, painting and creative play.

Our Literacy Area

Our Literacy Area 1
In the Literacy area there is a range of mark making equipment and activities to aid reading and writing.

Oue Reading Area

Oue Reading Area 1
In our reading area you can read a book by yourself, to your friend or to one of the puppets. There are also fairy tale characters so that  you can retell traditional stories. You can sit on a cushion, sit on a chair and even read with the canopy over you!

Our Finger Gym

Our Finger Gym 1
Our Finger Gym will have different activities to help build up the muscles in the hand that are needed for fine motor control and writing. The activities will also aid hand-eye co-ordination.

Our Maths Area

Our Maths Area 1
In the Maths area there are different resources to help your child to learn to count, recognise and order numbers, compare and describe objects, learn about shapes, write numbers and different problem solving activities

Our Role Play Areas

We have got 2 role play areas in the classroom. One is a domestic role play area-home corner-which will be there all year but will be enhanced throughout the year with different resources. The other role play area will be changed during the year relating to the children's interests. At the beginning of the year it is starting as a space area. Can you use the boxes to make your own rocket? Where will you go and what will you see?

Our Small World Area

Our Small World Area 1
In the small world area, there is a choice of different blocks to make buildings for a variety of small world equipment including farm animals, wild animals, dinosuars, people, trees and playground equipment.

Our Construction Area

Our Construction Area 1
In the construction area you can design and build using a variety of equipment. You can then save it and add to it during the day. Remember to write your name and what you have made.

Our Puzzle Area

Our Puzzle Area 1
You can choose from different jigsaws and puzzles. These help with problem solving, fine motor skills and perserverance.

Investigation Area

Investigation Area 1
What can you find out? Look in the different mirrors-how do you look? Use the magnifying glass to look at different objects. Use your senses to describe the different objects.