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Parking Problems on Beauville Drive - Please Help!

The roads outside our school are very busy in the morning and at the end of the school day as children are dropped off and collected. Unfortunately, there have been reports to the school regarding parking outside school and the difficulty and danger this is creating to our community. The school has also been made aware of arguments, aggressive behaviour and offensive language being used around the school gates.


Following recent incidents on Beauville Drive, I would like to remind you that it is our collective responsibility to maintain a safe environment for everyone within the Buswells Lodge community. All drivers need to be aware that young children are attempting to cross the road and some of them are unaccompanied by an adult. This poses a great risk to the children of our school.


We would like to remind you:

§ All parents in cars, dropping off or collecting from school, should park in a sensible place that does not restrict the flow of traffic on Beauville Drive

§ Please DO NOT park in the middle of the road or stop in the road to allow children to get out or in the car

§ Please DO NOT park in or use any of the residents’ driveways to turn your car around

§ DO NOT park on the double yellow lines or the pavements


We foster a peaceful environment where any disagreements arising from these matters are resolved politely, respectfully and appropriately. Any abusive behaviour in and around the school grounds will not be tolerated, the police and Local Authority will be informed and appropriate action taken.


School has contacted Leicester City Council for support and will be monitoring the situation and, if necessary, informing the police of any dangerous driving, parking or behaviour.


We would appreciate your support in this matter for the benefit and safety of all in our community.