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Moon Zoom!

On Thursday 5th September, something strange happened near the Year 1 block.


Mysterious, green, sparkly footprints were found leading to the Year 1 door. Witnesses claimed that they saw an 'alien like' being walk past their classroom window.


According to a reliable source, the being had green skin and large pointy ears. They were dressed in black and they were fairly tall.


The alien like being has not been seen since in the school grounds but mysterious lights in the sky have been reported many times since the crash site was found. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Upon closer inspection, the Year 1 teachers teamed up and took a closer look at the mystifying object that had landed in the school grounds.


What strange things can you see?


Where has it come from?


Who was inside it?


Why did it crash?


When did it happen?

The children of Year 1 have been creating posters about the incident to try and piece together what happened and appeal for any witnesses or information. 


If you have any information please contact a member of Year 1.