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Dear Parents: Our school will be closing on Friday 9th July for the summer holiday - school re-opens to all pupils on Wednesday 25th August 2021 ++ Please visit our Coronavirus School Information page under the Key Information tab
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English and Phonics


Useful English Links for children to access at home: (KS1 English) (KS2 English) (Daily SPAG and writing challenge) (online reading of hundreds of books) (Leicester Library Service) (Free reading, spelling and grammar resources) 


Here at Buswells Lodge we follow the KTC phonics programme.

This programme breaks down the phonic sounds required to decode a word, sentence and text.


These phonic sounds are put into 5 groups-Phase 1 (environmental sounds), Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4 and Phase 5.


We encourage children to make, hear and find these sounds within words they see, read and write.


Children are encouraged to use their knowledge of phonics when decoding and writing, new and unfamiliar words.




Children at Buswells Lodge have weekly guided and shared reading sessions, following the structure outlined within the KTC programme.

Each session is designed to suit the level of the child, they are matched with a quality text, given time to read sections and then asked a series of questions. These questions relate to their comprehension (understanding of the text) as well as the language features used within the text itself.


In Key Stage 2, shared reading sessions have been adapted following the Leicester City's Reading Project. Children are taught how to read for meaning  using a range of different strategies.


What do good readers do?



Good readers:




Last piece of the jigsaw- Monitor comprehension




At Buswells Lodge, all English lessons are planned in accordance with the objectives outlined in the National Curriculum for English, following the topics created by the Cornerstones Curriculum.


Within each genre of writing, children are immersed with a range of quality texts. Throughout every topic, written opportunities are provided to build understanding and application of the features for different text types.


Also with a focus on one topic every half term, children are able to demonstrate their writing skills across different areas of the curriculum. 




English Policy

Exciting News!


Buswells Lodge is proud to be apart of not 1, or 2 BUT 3 different projects across the city!


  • We will be participating in the Leicester City Year 6 Greater Depth Writing Project.
  • In Year 5, we have three members of staff who will be attending the Leicester City Writing Mastery Project
  • Continuing our work on the Leicester City Reading Project with a new member of staff attending the training.






Reading at home


Pupils are encouraged to read as regularly at home as possible.

Ideally every night for at least 15 minutes.


Each child is given a blue homeschool book, in which their parents/guardians record any reading that has taken place at home.


Regular reading is rewarded in a variety of ways depending on the year group and class they are in. 


When a child is heard read within school by an adult, this reading is also recorded in the homeschool book for parents/guardians to see.

 Here are some websites which help you to read with your child at home.  

(for pre-school children or foundation stage)


You can also Google search for;


'Love reading for kids'