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Early Words at Three

We have now completed our first set of Early Words workshops.

There were 5 weeks and each week we did different activities.

Week 1

We talked about the importance of listening and the three different types of talk.

We practised this whilst creating an under the sea collage.

Week 2

We sang different songs and rhymes and how this supports our language skills. It is good to sing songs in any language and it can be the same song everyday. We made our own shaker and sang a song that Mrs Dimmock and Mrs Robinson made up.

Week 3

We read Dear Zoo using lots of expression and discussed how important it is to read books everyday. This helps to develop listening and language skills. We made a puppet of one of the animals from the story.

Week 4

We used ribbons to make large circles and lines. We used different things to make marks, ready for writing. We talked about different things we could do to build up our muscles ready for writing e.g. kneading playdough.

Mrs Dimmock and Miss Robinson tried to make playdough!

Week 5

We looked at photos of our previous sessions. We used the correct tense e.g saw not sawed.

We read Shark in the Park and then went outside with our telescopes to look for sharks.


Thank you to the parents who attended our workshops.