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Dear Parents: School is currently closed for the summer break - we re-open to children at 8.55am on Thursday 29th August - have a fantastic summer!
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Class Dojo

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The children at Buswells Lodge love the Class Dojo Reward System. The children are individually awarded with points for good work towards our learning powers and for showing a Growth Mindset.



Our Learning Powers are:


Curio: Be hungry for knowledge! Curious learners ask questions and are hungry for answers. They like to find things out for themselves.


Determino: Keep going – don’t give up! Try different approaches until you find one that works. Stick at it, no matter how long it takes.


Valiant: Valiant learners don’t worry about what other people think of their ideas. They are prepared to accept criticism and use this to improve.


Reflecto: Identify what went well and why. Identify what you could have done differently. Continually review and revise what you are doing while you are doing it.


Collabro: Team players are willing and able to work and learn with others to get the job done well. They are able to both lead and be led.


Imaginus: Imaginative learners find solutions to problems and build on their own knowledge in a creative way. They allow themselves to be inspired by others.


There are also points available for being both a lesson WAGOLL or WAGOLL of the week as well as our Staying Green points.


Picture 1