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Dear Parents: Our school will be partially re-opening on Monday 1st June for children in Year 1 and Year 6 and then on Monday 8th June for children in Foundation Stage 2 +++ Please see the CORONAVIRUS UPDATES page under the KEY INFORMATION tab below for more details and important information
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Following on from yesterday, we would now like you to use your bricks or blocks to make 3 different 'snakes.' One being the longest, one shorter and another the shortest. Which one is which? How are they different from the towers you made yesterday? How long are your snakes? Maybe you could use a ruler or a tape measure to see how long each one is? 

I have attached some different ordering activities related to height and length. If you are able to print them out, then you can have a go at cutting them and sticking them in the correct order. If you can't print them, then you can look at them on the screen and point to which one is which. Have fun! smiley


Ordering by length

Ordering by length 1