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Today we have got a fun number recognition game for you. You will need 2 dice and some numbers written on bits of paper, hidden around either the house or the garden. Remember the highest number you can go up to with 2 dice is 12. 

I have attached below a way that you can roll 2 dice on your phone, incase you don't have any dice at home. 


Someone will need to hide the numbers around the house or garden and then you will need to roll the dice. How many dots are there? What number does it represent? Remember some of you might recognise some of the dot formations from our dice at school so think about which numbers they are and add them both together. Also remember our tip about counting on from the highest number. So if you rolled a 6 and a 4, start from 6 and count on 4 more, 7 8 9 10.  Your answer would be 10, so go go go and find that number 10! Did you find the right numbers? Which were the hardest?


When you have had lots of fun with the dice, you could get someone to hide some higher numbers and shout them out to you in a random order and see if you can find them. Can you then represent that number in a different way, so instead of the numeral could you represent it in dots like on the dice or triangles or even smiley faces? So if you find the number 14 you will need to draw how many dots?

Happy number hunting!