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Today we would like you to have a go at estimating, you will need 10 objects such as counters, small figures or even pens and also a tea towel. 

Estimating really just means having a guess. What is really important though, is making sure the guess is realistic, this is good estimating. For example if there were 9 objects a realistic guess would be between 7 and 11. A guess of 2 or 20 would not be realistic. 


Someone will need to put a group of objects in front of you and cover them with the tea towel. When you are ready they will remove the tea towel for 5 seconds and then place it back over the objects. You will have had time to look at the objects and think how many it looks like there are. The idea isn't to count the objects, although with some smaller numbers you may be able to if you are quick. The aim is to look at the group of objects and have a realistic guess as to how many there are. When you have had your guess, the next important step is to count how many there actually are so you can see if you were close or not. 

You can do this a few times varying the number of objects each time. 

How did you do? Did you make some realistic estimations? Were you exactly right any time? 


If you would like to extend this activity you could work with a higher number of objects, so you could have up to 20 objects and see how good your estimating is then. Is it harder with more objects? Or can you estimate better? Make sure those estimations are realistic and you always count to check after to see if you were right and if you weren't how far were you off the correct answer? Can you work that out? Good luck. smiley