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Dear Parents: Our school is now CLOSED except for children of government designated Key Workers until further notice - please check our website regularly for updates +++ Please see the CORONAVIRUS advice and information tab under the KEY INFORMATION tab below for the list of KEY WORKERS
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Set up some circuits either in the house or in the garden. You can use the ones that we did for sports relief. You can find photos and videos on the school website. We did:

1) Running up and down the hall.

2)Squats where the children fold their arms and bend their knees.

3)Jumps in hoops-you can get them to either jump on the spot or jump to a given point. If you have some chalk you could chalk circles on the floor for them to jump in.

4)Star jump. Stand straight and then jump out so your arms and legs are apart.

5)Burpees-Feet together and arms straight in the air, bend down, hands on the floor and legs out straight behind you.

We did each of these activities for 2 minutes.

Get your child to help with the timing as this is part of the early years Maths curriculum.