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Dear Parents: Our school closes for the summer break on Friday 10th July 2020 +++ School reopens to ALL children on TUESDAY 1st SEPTEMBER 2020 +++ Please see the CORONAVIRUS UPDATES page under the KEY INFORMATION tab below for more details and important information
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Listening and attention

In order for your child to learn, they need to be able to concentrate and listen. 

1) Get a few objects from around the house -you can ask your child to go and find 5 of their favourite things.

2) Put the objects in a line on the floor and name each one.

3) Then get your child to name them as you point to them. Do this a few times. 

4) Cover the last object and get your child to name the objects as you point to them, including the hidden one.

5)Repeat, hiding different objects.

You can then swap and your child can cover an object and you have got to remember what is missing.