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Today we would like you to have a look at positional language. For this activity you will need your favourite toy, a box or container it will fit into and then a table or chair. 

Firstly someone will need to ask you to put the toy in 6 positions:


1. Can you place the toy on the table/chair?

2. Can you place the toy under the table/chair?

3. Can you place the toy in the box?

4. Can you place the toy next to the box?

5. Can you place the toy in front of the box? 

6. Can you place the toy behind the box? 


Did you get them right? Which was the hardest? 


Now someone is going to place the toy in those 6 positions for you and this time you will need to say where the toy is yourself. Think about where the toy is and make sure you are using the correct language: 


1. The toy is on the table/chair.

2. The toy is under the table/chair. 

3. The toy is in the box.

4. The toy is next to the box.

5. The toy is in front of the box.

6. The toy is behind the box. 


How did you do? Were you able to remember the correct language? I hope so. smiley


Now could you possibly place your toy to the left of the box and then to the right of the box? Which is which? You can use your hands to help you if you aren't sure.  If you hold your hands out in front of you with your palms facing away, you'll be able to see that your first finger and thumb on your left hand make a 'L' shape, 'L' for left hand. Hopefully this will help you remember next time. laugh