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Dear Parents: Our school will be partially re-opening on Monday 1st June for children in Year 1 and Year 6 and then on Monday 8th June for children in Foundation Stage 2 +++ Please see the CORONAVIRUS UPDATES page under the KEY INFORMATION tab below for more details and important information
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Today we want you to continue to practice your counting.


First count by rote to 10, joining in with the song on the website below:


Now get some objects and put them in a line and count them, ensuring that your child says 1 number for each object that is there. If they count too fast e.g. there are 5 objects but they get to 10, or if they count too slow e.g. there are 5 objects but they only get to 3, move the objects far apart and get them to walk to each object and count only when they arrive at each object.


If they are confident at this, put some objects in a container and ask them how many are in there. It is important that the box is small so that they cannot see all of the objects. If they try and count the objects whilst still in the container, explain that this is not accurate as they might miss ones they can't see. Model taking the objects out one at a time and counting them as you go.


Still image for this video
I counted fruit.