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Dear Parents: Our school will be closing at 3.15pm on Friday 12th July for the summer holiday - school re-opens to children at 8.55am on Thursday 29th August - have a fantastic summer!
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For the first few weeks of the new term, we are assessing the children to see what they are confident with. We will thenput them in groups and work on the aspects that they need further support with.


FS1 will be concentrating on differentiating between different sounds e.g. in the environment or with musical instruments. You can support your child by talking to them about the different noises that they can hear whilst walking to school. They will also be using their voices and bodies to make different sounds e.g. clapping, clicking and making noises appropaite to pictures e.g. the noise of a ticking clock.


FS2 will be helping the children to hear the different sounds in words. We will start with the first sound of words and then by the October half term we expect the children to be able to orally blend and segment.  Blending is when we give them the sounds in the words and they have to put them together to make the word e.g c-a-t is cat. Segmenting is when we give the child a word and they have to tell us the individual sounds e.g. dog is d-o-g.


At this stage we teach the children pure sounds and not letter names.