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Dear Parents: If your child is going on a school trip this term, it is very important that you return your parental permission slip - thank you
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We had a visit from Zoolab today.

We looked at and touched different animals.

Minnie the Giant African Millipede.

Turbo the Giant African Snail.

Trevor the Tree Frog

Cromey the Bearded Dragon

Talulah the Tarantula

Welcome to your classroom.

Below are photos of some of the areas in your classroom.

The Home Corner

The Home Corner 1

The Maths Area

The Maths Area 1

The Investigative Area

The Investigative Area 1

The Literacy Area

The Literacy Area 1

The construction Area

The construction Area 1

The Book Corner

The Book Corner 1

The Carpet Area

The Carpet Area 1